Welcome to Bread and Yoga & Scribble Art Workshop's Inwood Studio!

In 2009, Bread and Yoga, Inwood's newest neighborhood health and wellness studio, met a little art program named Scribble Art Workshop. The young businesses were like two peas in a pod. They challenged, encouraged, and invigorated each other to blossom into the amazing studio we bring Inwood today.

Our inter-generational space includes a full kitchen for workshops and classes, a fully equipped art studio (complete with lots of natural light), and a beautiful (and calming) yoga studio. We offer a comprehensive after-school program for elementary and teen students, an alternative pre-school program and a wide array of creative classes for babies and toddlers, all taught by experienced progressive educators in small classes. We will also be hosting weekly events throughout the year to highlight our local artists, artisans, and professionals, while offering the community a chance to come together and learn!

As Scribble Art Workshop and Bread & Yoga continue to develop together, we hold fast to the foundational belief that every community member is an innate teacher and learner. Our studio will, first and foremost, be a space where all people of all ages can come together and grow (just as we did). We invite you to visit our studio at 5000 Broadway and in the meantime, explore our websites to find out more about Bread and Yoga & Scribble Art Workshop.



An Alternative Preschool Program with cooking, art, music and more!


We don't do standard, we do extraordinary.


A full schedule with classes just for kids ages 11-14.