We offer a complete after-school program with small class sizes, progressive educators and pick-up (including nutritious snack) from local schools including P.S.366, Muscota/Amistad, P.S.98, P.S.278. We offer pick-up from Castle Bridge, P.S.178 and P.S.187 with a minimum of 5 students.  Snack and "down time" is from 3-3:30pm, then our first classes begin at 3:30 and our second classes begin at 4:30pm.  Students are required to take 2 classes per day (unless in Kindergarten or first grade).  Regular pick-up is at 5:30pm with extended pick-up until 6pm for an extra charge.

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Class Descriptions  

Children LOVE to cook. It is an activity that inspires, excites and feeds their curiosity. In Cooking, children will gain exposure to various ingredients, focusing on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Each exciting recipe will introduce new ingredients and engage all the senses. They will be introduced to essential cooking skills like mixing, measuring, chopping, grating, stirring, whisking, and kitchen safety. Each hands-on class will give your child the opportunity to be fully involved in the cooking process, making them more likely to try new foods!

This after-school drama program is the "ultimate face time arts discipline" and will allow participants a space to use creative play to build basic theatre skills and use their own imagination. This class will also help develop concentration and social skills. Students will use their bodies and the voices while working collaboratively to engage in the story-telling process.

In this class, kids will work with professional equipment and learn how to count beats per minute, tapping and pushing techniques, and beat matching along with mixing, blending, and scratching.

So much for telling your kids not to play with their food! This class is all about using our hands to make art with our food. We'll be making sculptures, paintings, collages and more, all with food as our material. In addition to this, we'll be learning about the chemistry of food: how does dough rise into a 3-dimensional sculpture? How can we use the transition from liquid to solid in order to make some amazingly edible drawings? How can we use the melting to create paintings? Re think food and rethink the cooking process!

Painting is a complex and beautiful process that children love. We'll explore gouache, watercolor, acrylic, ink and other forms of mark making with a brush and without. Alternating the painting surface, material and tools will give our artists a wealth of various experiences with the art of creating work (both abstract and representational) with paint.

New class! Description coming soon!

This is fashion design with a Scribble twist. We'll be exploring a wide variety of wearable art including making wallets and accessories out of fabric & non-traditional matierials, silk-screening bags and t-shirts, as well as sewing recycled fabrics to make new garments. Lastly, we'll play around with some dyes to make our own custom-colored fabric!

What ever happened to wood shop being a subject at school? Don't worry! We have it right here in our art studio. In this class, students will learn the basics of working with wood including how to safely cut it down to size using simple tools, assembling pieces into a while using both power tools and other adhesives, and creating an interesting finsish using stains, sanding processes and paints. Artists will explore both fine art wooden sculpture as well as small functional objects.

Strike your mallets on xylophone, metallophone, or glockenspiel and hear how your part weaves into a full ensemble. We will learn the lively marimba music of Zimbabwe, as well jazz, blues, and more! Groove to the rhythmic harmonies using these wonderfully versatile barred percussion instruments. Here's a video from last year's Scribble exhibition at the Academy. To hear those low bass bars, listen through stereo speakers or good headphones!

Kids Yoga is about learning to respect your body and what it can do, and to challenge it as well. This class will teach kids not only the asana or physical component of yoga, but how meditation and the breath can affect the practice too. Students will learn the proper Sanskrit names for poses, and they will also start to teach certain parts of the class themselves. They will learn how yoga can energize you, how it can relax you, and how to take difficult poses and make them silly and fun. The benefits of yoga are two-sided: this class will help the students connect to their bodies and minds, but it will also allow them to feel free.



September 8th-December 23rd

1 CLASS: $103/MONTH*
1 DAY: $206/MONTH
2 DAYS: $404/MONTH
3 DAYS: $594/MONTH
4 DAYS: $776/MONTH
5 DAYS: $950/MONTH


September 8th-June 28th

1 DAY: $185/MONTH
2 DAYS: $362/MONTH
3 DAYS: $544/MONTH
4 DAYS: $709/MONTH
5 DAYS: $887/MONTH

*Single classes are only available at 3:30pm to kindergarteners & 1st graders. All other students register for the day, which includes 2 class choices. FULL PAYMENT BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 IS A 5% DISCOUNT. SIBLING DISCOUNT IS 10%. $40 REG. FEE FOR ALL FAMILIES NEW TO OUR PROGRAM.